Friday, 9 October 2015

Review: XCoser's Lightning (Claire Farron) Cosplay

 I was cleaning and organizing my games recently and stumbled upon my FF XIII and FF XXIII-2, so I decided to cosplay Lightning! So today I’ll be collaborating with XCoser to bring you this review. They were kind enough to send me the costume and the wig! :) I'll review the wig in another post!


XCOSER is an online company that sells cosplay costume, wigs and accessories since 2008. Their prices are a bit on the higher end, but so is their quality! They pride in "what you see is exactly what you get" items!


What's included: Cloak, Coat, Shirt, Pants, Belt, Gloves, Straps

Unboxing video of the costume and wig to be added later!

XCoser is a very well organized website with lots of pictures. They even include a model picture which I think is very important because stock pictures and actual pictures can vary. Now, why did I choose XCoser’s Lightning cosplay? Because of this:

The gold buttons at the bottom of the jacket. In game it is GOLD, but when I searched online all the other stores had BROWN buttons. This really shows how much they pay attention to detail and I love it!

Here’s a close up of the side pockets. Its real pockets, so you can keep all your coscards in here!

The sweater, shorts and skirt are really comfy and not itchy, they’re also a bit stretchy for extra comfort!

The zippers on the skirt are real and not just for decoration!

Accessories are adjustable to fit your arms perfectly! I really love this because putting double tape to make sure your accessories don’t fall can get really annoying!

Love the bag since it's big enough to put everything you need during a con: wallet, cell, DS, pocky and some goodies!

If you guys want more pictures, don't hesitate to tell me!


Look: ★★★★★ 
Almost like the costume came out of my game! Everything is like the picture! Colors are perfect and let me remind you again of the GOLD at the bottom of the jacket! 

Quality: ★★★★★.
The material used were of good quality and everything was lined so if you’re worried about sparkly satin, you won’t have to! There was ever new leather smell when I took out the belts! X3 100% legit stuff there!

Shipping: ★★★★ 
I'm so happy the tracking number actually worked! My only complaint was that they shipped it via FedEx, and I got slammed with some service fee for the shipping of the costume. The wig went through without any trouble, so I guess it was bad luck…

All belts and accessories had a plastic cover to prevent scratching which I think is really nice!

Special Note 1: 
A+ Customer Response! They answer really quickly their messages, so don’t hesitate to send any questions their way!
Special Note 2: 
A+ Super Friendly! They made a facebook profile so you can add them as a friend and a facebook group where cosplayers can post cosplay pictures, discuss and participate in giveaways!

Special Note 3: 
A+ Coscards + Gift! In my package they included a pack of coscards and a flag! I found it really nice since it gives me something to give out and easier for people to find XCoser! They’re all signed and I have a few left so I’ll bring them to my next event! ^^ 

Overall Rating: 
★★★★★Keep an eye out for the wig review! ;P